City and District Court Landlord-Tenant Data

We are providing a rolling five years of landlord-tenant court data from city and district courts statewide to be used for your analyses. These data are completely deidentified, with only the property address zip code being present with respect to property location. Files are updated monthly.

Due to size, the files are provided based on filing year. All case information, regardless of when it happened, is included in the given filing year. (E.g., an index filed in 2019 had appearances in 2020, 2021, and was disposed in 2022. ALL of that information will be contained in the 2019 file and will not be contained in any other file.) Therefore, if you are looking for information related to dispositions, it will be necessary for you to download all available files and parse them on disposition date.

All city and district courts are included in the files; should you wish to only analyze a given region, district, county, or court, you must parse the files, using the specific courts in which you are interested.

The data are provided in xml. No other extract formats are available.

All classifications for landlord-tenant data are included:

  • Article 7A
  • Breach of Warrant of Habitability
  • Harassment
  • Holdover
  • HP
  • HP with Harassment
  • Illegal Activity
  • Illegal Lockout
  • Non-Payment

Should you wish to only analyze one type of classification, you must parse the data.

Town and Village data are not available.

The below pieces of information may help you understand and consume the data:

Links to xml ZIP files: