Family, Friend, and Caregiver Resources

These resources are available to help you assist another adult in need. Article 81 Guardianship of an incapacitated adult requires exhausting all other options before pursuing guardianship.


Statewide Agencies & Service Directories


Public Benefits

Financial Decisions and Planning


Powers of Attorney & Advance Directives (General Info)


Health Care Decisions & Managing Health Care

Making Health Care Decisions

Medicaid applications/planning and home care applications

Medicare: HICAP program to ask questions about Medicare


Mental Health/Dementia

Mental Health

Mental Health (Involuntary Measures)

  • Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT): NYS has court-ordered assisted outpatient treatment (AOT). It is for certain people with mental illness who cannot live safely in the community without supervision. It allows a person or institution to petition the court for services where the goal is for them to live safely in the community.
  • Court Ordered Involuntary Hospitalization: Mental Hygiene Warrant: There is a process to bring someone to court who may have mental illness and is likely to be a serious harm to themselves or others. A judge may order a hospitalization of up to 72 hours for a person to be assessed for a temporary involuntary hospitalization.


Caretaker Support

Housing and Communal Living


Nursing Home/Adult Care Facilities/Assisted Living

End of Life Care

End of life


Fraud/Scams/Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Complaints (Fraud/Scams)


Legal Consultations/Assistance (for matters other than guardianship)


Filing Complaints

The Office of the NYS Attorney General can help with complaints relating to healthcare, housing, consumer issues, fraud, and more. File a Complaint with NYS Attorney General's Office.