Starting and Answering a Nonpayment Case

By Administrative Order, beginning on September 12, 2022, a landlord will be required to use a new Notice of Petition form (Notice of Court Date: Rent Not Paid) when starting a summary eviction proceeding for the nonpayment of rent in the City, Town and Village Courts in Erie County and the District Court in Suffolk County.

Names of Participating Courts

The new form is available here, along with information for tenant/renters about how to respond to (“answer”) the Petition. For additional information or help, visit the resource links in the Notice of Petition.


Form Name Description

Notice of Court Date: Rent Not Paid (Notice of Petition, UCS-NPN 8/2022)


This form is used by the landlord to start a case to evict a tenant/renter for rent not paid.

Important: Translations are for information only and cannot be submitted to the court. The court will only accept the completed English form.

Landlord Nonpayment Notice of Petition, Petition & Written Rent Demand

DIY Form Program

This free and easy program will ask you questions and make papers for a nonpayment notice of petition, petition and written rent demand to start a nonpayment case against your tenant. You will also get instructions that tell you what to do next.

Aviso para cita en el tribunal: Alquiler impago

Spanish | Español

Este formulario es utilizado por el arrendador para comenzar un caso a fin de desalojar a un inquilino por el alquiler impago. Importante: La traducción es meramente informativa y no puede presentarse en el tribunal. El tribunal únicamente aceptará el formulario completo en inglés.


 ASL Interpretation: Notice of Court Date: Rent Not Paid


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Form Name Description

Information on Answering: What to do if your landlord says you owe rent and you have a court date (8/2022)


This form is used by the tenant/renter to tell the court the reasons why they should not be evicted for rent not paid.

Información sobre la respuesta: qué hacer si su arrendador dice que usted adeuda alquiler y que tiene una cita con el tribunal

Spanish | Español

Este formulario es utilizado por el inquilino para informarle al tribunallos motivos por los que no debería ser desalojado por el alquiler impago.


These forms were created in partnership with Legal Assistance of Western New York and would not have been possible without the generous support of the American Bar Endowment.


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