Criminal Data & Reporting

Download criminal data or view dynamic dashboard reports. 


Detained Pretrial

Download csv extract with information on individuals in Rikers each month beginning Jan. 2024


Discovery Reform

Monitor the impact of the legislation with an annual survey on case processing and a case activity dashboard 


OCA-Stat Act

Download NYC & ONYC csv extracts (28 Fields) & view aggregated data in a dynamic dashboard, includes all incoming felonies, misdemeanors, & violations beginning 11/2020 to previous month


Pretrial Release

Download NYC & ONYC csv extracts (100+ Fields) & view the aggregated data in a dynamic dashboard to assist in evaluation of bail reform, includes incoming felonies and misdemeanors from 2020 to previous bi-annual period


Pretrial Services

Annual report on individuals in pretrial services and the related case information