Criminal Data & Reporting

Dynamic dashboard reports created to publicly share data related to criminal justice legislation. 

Data Extracts Available - download the case-level data source that populates the accompanying dashboards. Includes case and demographic fields for cases arraigned since 2020.

OCA-Stat Act frequently updated data for all incoming criminal cases in NYC & Outside NYC extracts and a dynamic dashboard

  • 28 Fields
  • Updated: monthly (from Nov. 2020 to previous month)
  • Case Types: Felonies, Misdemeanors, & Violations

Pretrial Release data to assist in evaluation of bail reform in an extract and a dynamic dashboard

  • 100+ Fields
  • Updated: bi-annually in Jan & Jul (from Jan 2020 to latest bi-annual period)
  • Case Types: Felonies & Misdemeanors

Other Criminal Dashboards

Discovery Reform reports monitor the impact of the legislation on case activity and case processing

  • Case Activity Dashboard year-to-year comparison of criminal case activity, updated annually 
  • Annual Reports - survey of how legislation is impacting court processing

Pretrial Services data collected from agencies for Annual Report on number of individuals in pretrial services and the related case information