Mission Statement: Sixth Judicial District Administrative Office

It is the mission of the Administrative Office of the Sixth Judicial District to provide the courts within the ten counties we serve with the highest quality of administrative support and direction. This includes the provision of timely, efficient, effective, professional and innovative assistance in helping our courts meet the needs and exceed the expectations of those who use the courts including litigants, attorneys and the public in general. We strive to assist our Administrative Judge, under who’s direction the entire District operates, the judges who preside in our courts and the dedicated and hard working non-judicial employees of the Unified Court System.

To achieve this result, we must accomplish one simple goal: That all who come in contact with our courts and the Unified Court System be treated fairly, honestly, and politely and that justice be not only our goal but the result as well.

To do this, every single employee shall become the very best at what they do and shall at all times adhere to this simple but fundamental goal.

Our Office will at all times provide administrative support in the least intrusive and time consuming manner as possible, always cognizant of the value of the price of achieving those goals. We will utilize all available and the most cost effective means to accomplish our task including the use of innovative technology, management techniques and skilled and qualified personnel in whatever manner may best serve and support court operations at all levels within this District and the State of New York.

This Office will never neglect our obligation to meet the highest standards of quality and will constantly and consistently provide competent and professional services.


Role of the District Office

All judicial districts outside the City of New York are supervised and directed by an Administrative Judge. Hon. Eugene D. Faughnan, who is also a Supreme Court Justice, oversees the ten counties and seven cities within the 7,500 square miles comprising the Sixth Judicial District. Including the town and village courts, Judge Faughnan is responsible for more than 250 courts and agencies. There are more than 500 non-judicial employees and over 300 judges and magistrates under Judge Faughnan's supervision.

Her District Office staff consists of twenty professionals who provide the administrative support and assistance referenced above. These obligations include technical support, facilities planning and management, employee training and benefits, budget creation and monitoring, as well as overall responsibility for courtroom and clerk’s office management and security, caseload and statistical oversight and analysis, judicial and non-judicial assignment and all court support functions.