Family Legal Care

Fifth Judicial District Administrative Judge James P. Murphy is extremely pleased to announce that Family Legal Care and the Fifth Judicial District of the State of New York have joined forces and issued 6 (six) Legal Resource Guides providing information to patrons of the Family Courts of New York. The Office of the Statewide Coordinating Judge of Family Violence Cases assisted the Fifth Judicial District and Family Legal Care in the development of these guides.

These Resource Guides include information on:

Custody & Visitation;

Child Support;

How to Start a Case in Family Court;

ABC’s of Family Court;

How to File an Objection or a Rebuttal for a Child Support Order; and

Serving Court Papers.

Statewide Coordinating Judge for Family Violence Cases, Judge Deborah Kaplan, who was instrumental in bringing about this collaborative effort, stated that her office will be assisting communities throughout New York State in developing these important informational guides.

Family Legal Care is an innovative not for profit organization dedicated to empowering unrepresented litigants with legal information and compassion guidance so unrepresented litigants can self-advocate in Family Court. Family Legal Care, centered out of Brooklyn, New York, offers telephone, E-Mail and live chat Hotlines, as well as Family Legal Centers and education and information sites to help educate the patrons of Family Court.

Family Legal Care has been providing Legal Resource Guides and assistance to patrons of New York City Family Courts since 1996. These Legal Resource Guides were adapted for practice in Family Courts located in the Fifth Judicial District. Now, patrons of Family Courts in Onondaga, Oneida, Jefferson, Herkimer, Oswego and Lewis Counties can have access to the Legal Resource Guides applicable to their Courts. These Legal Guides can be found in the Family Courts and the Law Libraries located in the Counties of Onondaga, Oneida, Jefferson, Herkimer, Oswego and Lewis Counties. Additionally, these guides will be found on Family Legal Care or on the Fifth Judicial District Website.

If a patron has a question, they can contact Family Legal Care by calling 646-613-9633.