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2023 Press Releases


Dec. 18: New York State Courts Announce New Components of Anti-Bias Training Efforts

Dec. 15: Chief Judge Makes Appointments to Court System’s Ethics Commission

Dec. 14: New Administrative Judge Named in the 4th Judicial District

Dec. 13: New Administrative Judge Named in the Bronx

Nov. 29: Chief Judge Wilson Appoints Franklin H. Williams Commission Co-Chair

Nov. 27: Historic Appointment Made to Appellate Court Serving Manhattan, the Bronx

Nov. 21: NY Courts Name Managing Inspector General for Bias Matters

Nov. 15: Appellate Division, 3rd Dept. to Hold Session in Chenango County

Nov. 15: New Co-Chair, Members Named to NY Courts’ LGBTQ Commission

Nov. 13: NY Courts to Host Adoption Day Event in Syracuse

Nov. 13: Appellate Division, 2nd Dept. to Present AI Symposium

Nov. 09: NY Courts Seek Applicants for Court Officers Upstate

Oct. 31: NYS Courts Announce Mandatory Online Registration for All NY Attorneys

Oct. 26: Landmark State Task Force on Mental Illness Named

Oct. 19: OCA Forms New Court Modernization Division

Oct. 11: Court System Announces Newly Structured Communications Dept.

Oct. 04: Statewide Coordinating Judge for Family Court Matters Named

Sep. 28: Special Counsel to OCA Executive Director Named

Sep. 26: OCA Forms New Appointments Unit; Key Posts Named

Sep. 25: First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge’s Chief of Staff Named

Sep. 18: Rochester Courthouse to Host Job Fair

Sep. 12: Chief Administrative Judge Makes Historic Appointment to NYC's Appellate Term

Sep. 08: Chief Administrative Judge Announces OCA’s Newly-Structured HR, Labor Relations Divisions; Names Key Posts

Sep. 06: Supervising Judges Named Upstate, in LI

Sep. 05: Court System Names New Inspector General

Aug. 29: 2nd Judicial Dept. to Make History with All-Latino Bench

Aug. 21: NYC Family Court Seeks Applicants for Support Magistrate Openings

Aug. 15: NY Courts Seek Applicants for Law Library Clerk, Assistant Positions

Aug. 03: OCA Executive Director Named

July 18: Historical SI Courthouse Façade Restoration Unveiled

July 12: NYS Courts Seek Applicants for Court Assistant Positions

July 10: NY Courts’ Facilities Director Named

June 29: Administrative Judge Named to 5th Judicial District

June 29: Historical Naturalization Records from Queens, the Bronx Now Online

June 26: New OCA Counsel Named

June 21: Supreme Court-Criminal Term in Queens Unveils New Courtroom Technology

June 14: Extreme Risk Protection Order Data Now Available Online

June 5: New Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Named Outside NYC

May 26: Hon. Anil Singh Named to Commission on Judicial Conduct

May 19: First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Named

May 18: Hon. Judge Joseph A. Zayas Named Chief Administrative Judge

Mar. 27: Blue-Ribbon Panel to Implement Pandemic-Related Innovations

Mar. 21: Veterans Treatment Court Opens in Putnam County

Mar. 16: Bar Admission Questionnaire Changes Announced

Mar. 16: Mid-Manhattan Community Court Expands Operations

Mar. 08: NY Courts’ Equal Justice Initiative Issues Progress Report

Mar. 06: Veterans Treatment Court Opens in Beacon

Feb. 28: Acting Chief Judge Cannataro Delivers 2023 State of Our Judiciary Address

Feb. 24: Albany Family Court Unveils Specially Designed Area for Foster Youth

Feb. 15: New York Courts' Response to the Pandemic - New Report

Jan. 23: Appellate Term Appointments Announced

Jan. 19: Misdemeanor Mental Health Court Opens in Westchester


2022 Press Releases


Dec. 14: Suffolk County Launches Virtual Juror Selection Pilot Program

Dec. 5: New Web Portal to Facilitate Requests to Observe Virtual Civil Proceedings

Sept. 8: NY Courts’ Pandemic Practices Working Group to Hold Public Hearings

Aug. 18: New Administrative Judge Named in Queens

Aug. 18: Changes to CLE Program Rules

July 27: NYS Courts Seek Applicants for Spanish Interpreters

June 8: Veterans Treatment Court Opens in Dutchess County

June 7: Virtual Juror Orientation and Selection in Manhattan, A First in NY

May 10: New Professional Development Program Targets Non-Judicial Employees, Grades 12-21

May 5: New Working Group to Study NY Courts’ Pandemic-Related Practices, Propose Next Steps

Mar. 29: NY Judicial Commission, Buffalo's PBS Station Launch Online Curriculum Resources on Equal Justice

Mar. 14: Midtown Community Court Launches Mental Health Part

Mar. 03: Chief Judge, Senate and Assembly Judiciary Chairs Announce Introduction of Constitutional Amendment for Court Reform, Simplification

Feb. 28: NY Courts Launch New Online Tool

Feb. 28: New Co-Chair Named to Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission

Feb. 16: Chief Judge DiFiore Delivers 2022 State of Our Judiciary


2021 Press Releases 


Dec. 28: Administrative Judge Named to Supreme Court-Civil Term in Manhattan

Dec. 13: Chief Judge Names Members to State Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct

Dec. 1: New Administrative Judge Named in Nassau County

Nov. 17: New Report Documents Progress to Advance Courts’ Equal Justice Initiative

Nov. 08: New Administrative Judge Named in Bronx County

Oct. 20: Chief Judge Provides Update on NYS Courts’ COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Oct. 13: Administrative Judge Appointed in Ninth Judicial District

Oct. 7: New Administrative Judge Named for NYC Family Court

Oct. 1: New Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Named for NYC Courts

Sep. 29: New Video Instructs NY Jurors on Hidden Bias

Sep. 22: New Cayuga County Court Addresses Opioid Crisis

Sep. 21: Statewide Eviction Filing Data Now Online

Sep. 15: Digital Archive Documents Experiences of NYS Judges, Staff Amid the Pandemic

Sep. 08: Chief Judge Announces Judiciary Civil Legal Services Program Grants

Aug. 19: Administrative Judges Named in Queens and Western NY

Aug. 18: New Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Named Outside NYC

Aug. 10: Court System to Expedite Resolution of NYC Gun Cases

Aug. 09: New Administrative Judge Named to NYC Civil Court

Jul. 28: NYS Courts to Implement New Protocols in Response to Rise in COVID Cases

Jul. 07: New Administrative Judge Named in the 8th Judicial District

Jul. 07: NYS Judicial Institute Dean Named

Jun. 17: New Mt. Vernon Court Targets Young Adult Offenders

Jun. 10: New Family Court Facility Opens in New Rochelle

May 31: Documentary on Civil Rights Leader Franklin H. Williams Among The Winners of This Year's Prestigious Telly Awards

May 21: Statewide Opioid Trial to Begin Jun. 22 in Suffolk County 

May 18: Elder Justice Resource Guide Now Available Online

May 17: NY Courts Proceed with Implementation of Proposals from Special Adviser on Equal Justice in the Courts

May 07: New Access-to-Justice Initiative Launched in Albany

Apr. 22: New Dutchess County Court Addresses Opioid Crisis

Apr. 05: Commission to Reimagine Future of NY's Courts Issues Two New Reports

Mar. 31: Statement from the Chief Judge on the Passing of Court of Appeals Associate Judge Paul G. Feinman

Mar. 02: Chief Judge DiFiore Delivers 2021 State of Our Judiciary Address

Feb. 26: Mental Health Court Opens in Albany

Feb. 02: Commission to Reimagine Future of NY’s Courts Issues Additional Recommendations

Jan. 27: NYC Civil Court Launches Online Dispute Resolution Pilot Program

Jan. 13: Hon. Deborah Kaplan Named NYS Justice Task Force Co-Chair

Jan. 05: Robert L. Haig Named to NYS Commission on Judicial Nomination





2020 Press Releases 


Dec. 17: Commission to Reimagine Future of NY Courts Issues Additional Proposals

Dec. 09: NYS Judicial Institute Dean to Retire

Nov. 23: Survey Spurs Recommendations to Enhance Gender Fairness in NYS Courts

Nov. 17: Milton Mollen Award Recipients to Be Honored at Virtual Ceremony

Nov. 16: Commission to Reimagine the Future of NY’s Courts Issues Initial Recommendations

Oct. 27: New Administrative Judge Named in Third Judicial District

Oct. 15: Independent Review Yields Recommendations to Promote Diversity, Advance Equal Justice in the NYS Courts

 Oct. 02: Innovative Access to Justice Initiative Launched in Westchester

Sep. 29: Court System Rolls Out Online Tools to Facilitate Expanded Use of Mediation

Sep. 21: Chief Judge Names Business Council to Boost Access to Justice Efforts

Sep. 18: Important Information Regarding NY’s Recently Enacted Expungement Law

Sep. 11: “Virtual” 9/11 Ceremony

Aug. 5: Commission to Reimagine Future of NY Courts Issues Its First Report | Report

Aug. 3: Appellate Term Appointments Announced

Jul. 23: New Administrative Judge Named in Suffolk County

Jul. 8: Courts in 3rd, 9th and 10th Judicial Districts Begin Phase 4 of Return to In-Person Operations

Jul. 7: Grand Juries to Resume in NYC; NYC Courts Expand In-Person Proceedings

Jun. 30: Upstate Courts to Begin Phase 4 of Return to In-Person Operations

Jun. 25: Courts in 3rd, 9th and 10th Judicial Districts Enter Phase 3 of Return to In-Person Operations

Jun. 23: New Queens County Administrative Judge Named

Jun. 23: NYC Courts Begin Phase 2 of Return to In-Person Operations

Jun. 18: Courts' Administrative Board Approves Rule Changes Governing Professional Conduct of Attorneys

Jun. 17: Chief Judge Names Commission to Develop Comprehensive Vision for Court System of the Future

Jun. 16: Courts in 5 Upstate Judicial Districts Begin Phase 3 of Return to In-Person Operations

Jun. 12: Filing of Retainer and Closing Statements, 1st and 2nd Depts.

Jun. 11: Chief Judge Names Chair to Lead NY Justice Task Force in Examining Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

Jun. 11: Courts in 3rd, 9th and 10th Judicial Districts Begin Phase 2 of Return to In-Person Operations

Jun. 9: Chief Judge Announces Independent Review of Court System Policies, Practices in Ongoing Efforts to Advance Equal Justice

Jun. 9: NYC Courts Begin Gradual Return to In-Person Operations

Jun. 2: Upstate Courts Begin Phase 2 of Return to In-Person Operations

May 26: Courts in Mid-Hudson, Long Island Begin Return to In-Person Operations

May 20: Courts in Western NY, Capital Region Begin Return to In-Person Operations

May 19: NYC Housing Judges to Conduct Virtual Conferences in Pending Eviction Cases

May 14: NY’s Surrogate’s Courts Prepare for Influx of COVID-Related Cases

May 13: Court System Begins Return to In-Person Courthouse Operations

May 01: “Virtual” Law Day 2020

Apr. 13: Virtual Courts Expanded Beyond Essential Matters

Apr. 06: Virtual Courts Up and Running Statewide

Apr. 03: Virtual Court Operations to Commence in the 3rd Judicial District

Apr. 02: Virtual Court Operations to Commence in: 4th JD8th JD | 9th JD

Mar. 29: Virtual Court Operations to Commence This Week in Suffolk County, Seventh and Fifth Judicial Districts

Mar. 22: Virtual Court Operations Begin Midweek in NYC

Feb. 26: Chief Judge DiFiore Delivers 2020 State of Our Judiciary

Feb. 19: New Administrative Judge Named in Bronx County

Feb. 10 - NYS Court System Seeks Applicants for Court Officers Statewide

Feb. 07 - Appellate Term Appointments Announced

Feb. 07 - NY Courts’ Office of Workforce Diversity Has New Name, Expanded Mission

Jan. 08 - Governor Supports Chief Judge’s Efforts to Simplify State’s Trial Court Structure

Jan. 08 - Otsego County Launches Courts to Combat Opioid Addiction, Domestic Violence





2019 Press Releases 


Dec. 18 - NYC Chief Clerk Receives National Award for Excellence in Court Administration

Dec. 18 - New Administrative Judge Named for Sixth Judicial District

Sep. 25 - Chief Judge Proposes Constitutional Reforms to Simplify NY’s Outdated Trial Court Structure: Press Release | Key Provisions of Proposal

Sep. 12 - Supervising Judge of County Courts Named for 4th Judicial District

Aug. 15 - Chief Judge Announces NYS Compensation Commission Appointees

Aug. 14 - Administrative Judge Named for Fifth Judicial District

Aug. 13 - NYS Courts Prepare for Influx of Cases as Key Provision of Child Victims Act Takes Effect

Aug. 05 - New Chief Clerk Named for NY County’s Supreme Court-Civil Term

Aug. 05 - Chief Judge DiFiore to Receive Columbia Business School’s Highest Award for Excellence

Jul. 29 - Long-Serving Queens Administrative Judge to Retire

Jul. 02 - Appellate Judges Across NY to Convene to Discuss Legal Trends

Jun. 13 - Administrative Judge Named for Fourth Judicial District

Jun. 05 - Veterans Court Opens in Syracuse

Jun. 04 - New Online Tool for Homeowners in Foreclosure Cases

May 22 - Free Supervised Parenting Now Available to Albany Family Court Litigants in Custody Disputes

May 14 - Court System to Implement Early, Presumptive ADR for Civil Cases

May 13 - New Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside NYC Named

Apr. 17 - News Advisory re People of State of NY v Harvey Weinstein

Mar. 14 - Drug Court Opens in Peekskill

Feb. 26 - Chief Judge Janet DiFiore Presents Her State of Our Judiciary Address...Quality of Justice in NY

Feb. 13 - NY Justice Task Force Issues Report on Bail Reform

Jan. 16 - Staten Island Launches Innovative Court to Address Opioid Crisis





2018 Press Releases 


Dec. 20 - New Administrative Judges Named in Bronx, Nassau Counties

Dec. 03 - Appointments Made to Appellate Term,  9th and 10th Districts

Dec. 03 - Chief Judge DiFiore Unveils State-of-the-Art Facility Designed To Accommodate Training Needs of Court Officers Statewide

Nov. 26 - Innovative Court Launched in Rochester to Address Opioid Crisis

Nov. 15 - Court of Appeals Convenes in Kingston, NY

Nov. 14 - Misdemeanor Court Tailored to Justice-Involved Veterans Opens in Queens

Nov. 13 - Committee on Women in the Courts to Conduct New Poll on Gender Fairness

Sep. 24 - Chief Judge Holds Public Hearing on New York's Justice Gap

Aug. 13 - Suffolk County Launches New Court Initiative to Address Opioid Crisis

Aug. 02 - Chief Judge, Local Leaders Celebrate Opening of Bronx County’s First “Legal Hand” Sites

Jul. 18 - NYS Commission on Parental Legal Representation to Hold Public Hearings

Jun. 21 - New Judges Named to Court of Claims

Apr. 20 - New ADR Initiative Aims to Reduce Case Delays, Enhance Access to Justice

Apr. 09 - Erie County Judge Honored With National Award

Mar. 15 - New York State Court System's 2017 Annual Report Now Available Online

Feb. 21 - New Co-Chairs Named to Williams Judicial Commission

Feb. 14 - Hon. Karen Peters Named Chair of NYS Commission on Justice for Children

Feb. 13 - Town & Village Courts to Benefit from NYS Courts' Purchase of Software System

Feb. 09 - New Administrative Judge Named in Ninth Judicial District

Feb. 06 - Chief Judge DiFiore Announces Overhaul of NYC Housing Court, New Plans to Address NY's Opioid Crisis and Justice Gap, Among Other Reforms, in Second Annual State of Our Judiciary Address

Jan. 29 - Bronx Courts Target Drug Offenders at High Risk of Overdose





2017 Press Releases 


Dec. 19 - Court Leadership Positions Filled in New York City

Dec. 19 - Brooklyn Family Court Unveils High-Tech Courtroom

Dec. 13 - High-Tech Courtroom Launched in Westchester County Supreme Court

Nov. 28 - Appointments Made to Appellate Term, First Judicial Dept.

Nov. 17 - Judicial Task Force on NY Constitution Reconvenes with Aim to Advance Reforms Via Legislative Process

Nov. 08 - New Measure Announced to Enhance Delivery of Justice in Criminal Cases

Oct. 02 - Upstate Pilot Program to Ensure Poor Defendants’ Right to Counsel at Arraignment

Sep. 26 - New Committee Aims to Promote Court Access for People with Disabilities

Sep. 19 - Court System Receives Grants to Help Combat Opioid Crisis

Sep. 18 - Chief Judge DiFiore Holds Public Hearing on NY's Civil Legal Services Needs

Sep. 11 - Appellate Division, First Dept., to Broadcast Oral Arguments in Real Time

Sep. 06 - Chief Judge Names Emergency Legal Task Force to Assist Harvey Victims

Jun. 29 - NY Courts Adopt Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Jun. 06 - Chief Judge Expands Mission of NYS Task Force Aimed at Preventing Wrongful Convictions

Jun. 05 - NYC Family Court Becomes NY's Largest Court to Go Fully Digital

Apr. 24 - Court of Appeals to Hold Oral Arguments in White Plains

Mar. 30 - Chief Administrative Judge Marks Announces Two Administrative Appointments

Mar. 24 - NY Courts Announce Plan to Enhance Language Access

Feb. 22 - Chief Judge DiFiore Delivers State of Our Judiciary Address

Jan. 23 - Hon. Ellen Biben Named Administrative Judge of NY County Supreme Court, Criminal Term

Jan. 05 - Thousands of Historic Court Records Moved to NYS Archives





2016 Press Releases 


Date - Title

Dec. 16 - New Summons Court Opens in Manhattan

Dec. 14 - Chief Judge DiFiore Forms New LGBT Commission

Nov. 16 - Court System Obtains Grant to Advance Progress in Closing NY's Justice Gap

Nov. 09 - Veterans Court Opens in Staten Island

Nov. 04 - Chief Judge Announces New Initiative to Enhance Justice for Domestic Violence Victims

Sep. 19 - Chief Judge Announces 2016-17 Civil Legal Services Grants

Sep. 08 - Press Advisory: NY Courts to Commemorate 9-11

Jul. 25 - Chief Judge Names Members of New Committee on Evidence

Jul. 19 - Chief Judge Forms Task Force on NYS Constitution

Jul. 18 - Matthew Biben Named to Commission on Judicial Nomination

Jun. 22 - Chief Judge Welcomes Locals to New Brownsville Legal Help Center

Jun. 21 - News Advisory: Chief Judge to Welcome Locals to New Brownsville Legal Center Open House

Jun. 10 - Chief Judge Janet DiFiore Administers Oath of Office to Largest-Ever Graduating Class of New York State Court Officers

May 06 - State’s First Young Adult Court Opens in Brooklyn

May 04 - New Sixth Judicial District Administrative Judge Named

Apr. 12 - Veterans Court Opens in Manhattan

Feb. 10 - Public Information Director for NY State Courts Named

Feb. 02 - New Chair Named for Commission on Children





2015 Press Releases 


Date - Title

Dec. 29 - Chief Judge Announces New Uniform Attorney Discipline Rules

Dec. 22 - Rule Changes Address A/V Coverage of Court Proceedings

Dec. 16 - Chief Judge Announces Changes to NY’s Admission Rules

Dec. 15 - Chief Judge Announces Adoption of Two New Rules

Dec. 01 - New Chair, Members Named to Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission

Nov. 23 - Chief Judge Announces Launch of “Legal Hand” Centers to Help Close Justice Gap

Oct. 08 - New Administrative Judge Named to NYC Family Court

Oct. 08 - Chief Judge Hosts National Summit on Human Trafficking and the Courts

Oct. 01 - Chief Judge Lippman Announces Bail Reforms

Aug. 10 - New Chair, Vice Chair Named to Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

Jul. 29 - Hon. Lawrence K. Marks Named Chief Administrative Judge

Jul. 27 - Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti Leaving Her Post to Join Academia

Jul. 22 - Chief Judge Announces Creation of Permanent Commission on Access to Justice, New Rule & Membership Roster

Jun. 30 - Chief Judge Announces Appointments to Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation

Apr. 14 - Chief Judge and NYC Mayor Announce Plan to Modernize Criminal Justice System

Mar. 30 - Chief Judge Names Members of Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

Mar. 02 - Hon. Peter Moulton Named Administrative Judge, NY County Supreme Court, Civil Term






2014 Press Releases 


Date - Title

Oct. 21 - Chief Administrative Judge Announces Two NYC Criminal Court Appointments

Sep. 16 - NY Courts Adopt Rules to Promote Fairness in Consumer Debt Cases

Jun. 10 - New Coordinating Judge of Medical Malpractice Program Named

Apr. 30 - Chief Judge Announces Reforms to Promote Equal Justice for Consumers in Debt Cases

Mar. 13 - Chief Administrative Judge Announces Two Kings County Appointments

Feb. 10 - New Administrative Judge Named in Third Judicial District





2013 Press Releases 


Date - Title

Dec. 17 - New Chief of Policy and Planning, New Kings County Administrative Judge Named

Dec. 11 - Court System Reports Dramatic Cut in Bronx Felony Case Inventory, Announce Plan to Slash Borough's Misdemeanor Backlog, Name New Bronx Appointment

Dec. 02 - New Rule Permits Out-of-State Lawyers Employed as In-House Counsel in NY to Provide Pro Bono Legal Services on Behalf of NY's Needy

Sep. 25 - NY Judiciary Launches Nation's First Statewide Human Trafficking Intervention Initiative

Jul. 17 - Chief Judge Names Committee to Facilitate Pro Bono Efforts of In-House Counsel in NY

May 28 - Chief Judge Names Members of Committee Charged With Examining How Non-Lawyer Advocates Can Help Narrow New York’s Justice Gap

May 01 - Chief Judge Announces New Attorney Registration Pro Bono Reporting Requirement

Mar. 26 - Chief Judge Names Members of Commercial Division Advisory Council

Feb. 25 - Hon. Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick Named Co-Chair of New York State Justice Task Force

Jan. 18 - New Administrative Judges Named in New York City, Nassau County and the Third Judicial District