New York County


The library is located at 80 Centre street, room 242 in downtime Manhattan. We are in the Civic Center near the Municipal building as well as the Federal and State Courts. All of the Manhattan train stations in the City Hall area are in walking distance of the library.


Our normal hours are from 9:45 AM - 1:00 PM, Monday though Friday. However, admittance is restricted after 4:00 PM. We are not open on weekends or Court Holidays. You may call for general information 646-386-3715.


The Public Access Law Library seeks to provide a comfortable environment where a broad base of patrons are given the ability to obtain legal and related information in an easily accessible manner and format.


The library provides free wifi services and patrons are allowed to bring their laptops and connect to it. Users may use their Cellphones to read or send text messages, but cannot speak on the phones while in the library.



The library has print material and online legal material. This includes cases, statutes and legal treatises. Most of this material covers New York State Law with an emphasis on Landlord Tenant Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and Civil Procedure. We also have legal encyclopedias. We have some limited resources on Federal Law.


The Library does not allow any material to be removed or borrowed from the premises. In addition, you cannot request the staff to locate or access your legal resources over the phone or through regular mail or email. You must come in person for assistance.


All patrons can make copies from books for 25 cents a page and can print from the computer terminals at 25 cents a page. The legal platforms, Lexis and Westlaw, allows patrons to email their research. Users also have access to Internet resources including the court website, for purposes of legal research. The library has a Scanner which allows users to scan documents and email them. Users may access their personal email accounts at no charge.