Buffalo City Court

Location & Hours

50 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone: 716-845-2600
Fax: 716-847-8257

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The court is closed on all state holidays.


Notice to Bar

Buffalo City Court Accepting Civil
Commencement Filings Through EDDS


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Accessible Magistrate Directory



Criminal Records
Phone: 716-845-2661

Civil Judgment Room
Phone: 716-845-2662

Small Claims & Commercial Claims
Phone: 716-845-2663

Housing Court
Phone: 716-845-2642

Court Staff

Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-2689

Chief Clerk
Erika Webb
Phone: 716-845-2746

Deputy Chief Clerk
Chantel Roeser

Small & Commercial Claims Office
Jaina Coles
Phone: 716-845-2663

Buffalo City Court Judges

Chief Judge
Hon. JaHarr Pridgen
Phone: 716-845-2651
Part 16

City Court Judge
Hon. Patrick M. Carney
Phone: 716-845-2642
Part 17

City Court Judge
Hon. Phillip Dabney
Phone: 716-845-2620
Part 14

City Court Judge
Hon. Samuel Davis
Phone: 716-845-2623
Part 10

City Court Judge
Hon. Lenora Foote-Beavers
Phone: 716-845-2632
Part 3

City Court Judge
Hon. Shannon M. Heneghan
Phone: 716-845-2648
Part 9

City Court Judge
Hon. Barbara Johnson-Lee
Phone: 716-845-2647
Part 4

City Court Judge
Hon. Kevin J. Keane
Phone: 716-845-2637
Part 5

City Court Judge
Hon. Andrew C. LoTempio
Phone: 716-845-2627
Part 6

City Court Judge
Hon. Carrie Phillips
Phone: 716-845-2638
Part 7

City Court Judge
Hon. Peter J. Savage III
Phone: 716-845-2633
Part 12

City Court Judge
Hon. Rebecca Town
Phone: 716-845-2643
Part 11

City Court Judge
Hon. Gary Wilson
Phone: 716-845-7262
Part 13

City Court Judge
Hon. Diane Wray
Phone: 716-845-2628
Part 8