Monroe County Surrogate's Court


Hon.Christopher S. Ciaccio, Surrogate Photo
Hon. Christopher S. Ciaccio

Christopher S. Ciaccio is the Surrogate (Judge) for the Monroe County Surrogate’s Court, having been elected to this position in November 2020.  More about Judge Ciaccio


Law Clerk to the Surrogate

Tamra M. Diamond, Esq.
Phone: 585-371-3290


Secretary to the Judge

Melissa A. Ryan
Phone: 585-371-3295


Chief & Deputy Chief Clerk

Mark L. Annunziata, Esq.
Phone: 585-371-3289

Barbara A. McDonald
Phone: 585-371-3304


Law Department

Christopher T. Krutell, Esq.
Phone: 585-371-3301

Margaret J. Lavery, Esq.
Phone: 585-371-3302


Location Information

Monroe County Surrogate's Court
99 Exchange Blvd.
Hall of Justice
5th Floor
Room 541
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: 585-371-3310
Please direct all initial inquiries to this number

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
For Filing fees paid by check - please make check payable to "Monroe County Surrogate's Court"

“In the event that the Hall of Justice is closed due to weather and you have been cited to appear in a proceeding on that day, please call the Court Clerk’s office at 371-3310 for the new appearance date.  ALL matters on citation and ALL hearings will be rescheduled.  Previously scheduled virtual appearances for matters other than citations or hearings (i.e., attorney conferences or control dates, etc.) will occur virtually as scheduled.”


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