Sample Citation Forms

All citations must contain the following language:

THIS IS A VIRTUAL COURT APPEARANCE DATE. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO APPEAR IN PERSON. This citation is served upon you as required by law. No response is required if you consent to the petition. If you, or your attorney, choose to file objections, they must be verified and filed using the New York State Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF) system and accompanied by the appropriate filing fee, except that unrepresented parties may file verified objections by mailing to the Court along with the appropriate filing fee. Verified objections must be filed on or before the return date listed above. If you are not sure you want to consent, or file formal verified objections to the petition, you must return the enclosed Citation Response Form no later than the return date listed above. Upon timely receipt of Citation Response Form the Court will contact you with further information. Failure to return the Citation Response Form or file verified objections will result in an assumption that you do not oppose the Court granting the relief in this matter and no further notice will be given to you.

Below are links to fillable PDFs.

If you cannot locate the appropriate citation below, you may cut and paste the language above and edit it for your proceeding.

Accounting Citation 
Accounting Compulsory Citation 
Administration Citation 
Guardianship Citation 
Miscellaneous Citation 
Probate Citation 
Wrongful Death Citation 
Citation Return Virtual Calendar Information 
Notice to Cited Parties and Petitioners
17A Citation