Hon. Robin S. Garson: Part Rules Part 75

141 Livingston Street, Room 1203
Law Clerk: Felicia Feinberg
Chambers: 347-404-9094
Courtroom: 347-404-9105



Part 75 motions and conferences are heard on Wednesdays.

First Call at 9:30 a.m.
Second Call at 10:30 a.m.
Oral argument is required on all motions.

Pursuant to Uniform Rule §202.27, the Court has discretion in addressing a calendar default. A motion is likely to be denied upon the failure of a movant to appear on the return date. Similarly, a motion, if appropriately supported, will likely be granted upon the failure of the non-moving party to appear.

Motions may be adjourned once on consent of all parties, with a schedule for remaining briefing. Application for adjournment may be made before the return date by stipulation emailed to chambers at ffeinber@nycourts.gov.

A courtesy copy of e-filed papers must be submitted to chambers at least one week prior to the return date of the motion.


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