Notice: May 7, 2021

No credit card transactions will be processed in the NY County Clerk's office until further notice.

Exact change is required until further notice.

All NYCC in-person transactions are postponed on Wednesdays until further notice except in the case of an emergency which is defined herein as: Guardianship and Mental Hygiene emergency applications. Orders to Show Cause containing a Temporary Restraining Order. Writs of Habeas Corpus.

County Clerk Main Office

County Clerk of New York County
Hon. Milton Tingling

New York County Courthouse
60 Centre Street, Room 161
New York, NY 10007


Hours of Operation

The New York County Clerk is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM and 2:00PM-5:00PM.
The last transactions are processed at 12:30PM and 4:15PM.
Thursdays have the longest lines and wait times.
The party must be in the office by the last time in the morning or afternoon.
Only 12 persons are allowed in the office at any one time.
Mail request and transactions have a 10 to 12 week turnaround time from date of receipt.

31 Chambers St. Archive Dept. Hours and Procedures

County Clerk Functions & Offices


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August 5, 2020

The Passport Office at NY County Clerk is closed until further notice