Biography of Justice Laurence L. Love

Justice Love

Chambers:                           Room 128

                                            80 Centre St.

Chambers phone                646-386-5596

Part  phone                         646-386-3274

IAS part                               63

Courtroom                           122

Oral Argument                    Thursday

PC/CC                                Thursday

Principal Law Clerk            Daniel Rudolf

Assistant Law Clerk           Michael Golia



Justice Laurence L. Love was born in NYC in 1967.  He graduated from Queens College and received his law degree from Hofstra law in 1992.  He was elected to the Queens Civil court in 2013, served as a Hybrid position in 2016 and was elected as a Supreme Court Justice in 2019.

Prior to his election to the bench Justice Love served as legislative aid and then legal counsel for then Assemblywoman Audrey I. Pheffer (currently the Queens County Clerk and Commissioner of Jurors) from 1987 through 2011.  He also had his own legal practice with a focus on personal injury law based in Queens from 1994 through 2012.