Integrated Domestic Violence Part


The Queens County Integrated Domestic Violence Court (Q-IDV) is a Supreme Court Part, designed to handle multiple related cases pertaining to a single family where the underlying issue is domestic violence.

Previously, litigants in domestic violence cases were required to appear in separate courts where judges would address their criminal, family and matrimonial cases. In order to simplify the process and ensure effective case resolution, Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye established the IDV Court, embracing the “one family-one judge” concept, allowing a single judge to hear a family’s related cases when the underlying issue is domestic violence. The IDV Court addresses the related criminal, family and matrimonial matters that may arise in the context of domestic violence.

The goals of the IDV Court include providing integrated services to families, increasing offender accountability, promoting victim safety, improving court efficiency and enhancing informed, consistent judicial decision making while protecting the rights of each litigant.

A unique feature of the IDV Court is that it is also the compliance part with intensive judicial monitoring of cases, ensuring ongoing offender accountability. The Resource Coordinator serves as a liaison to criminal justice agencies and local service providers to present up-to-date reports to the Court prior to each court appearance. For defendants convicted of crimes and/or violations of the law, the coordinator works closely with the IDV Court to oversee compliance with the terms of probation or terms of the conditional discharge.

Another vital aspect of the Q-IDV Court is the presence of Victim Advocates, specially trained representatives from Safe Horizon, who are available to provide legal assistance, safety planning, referrals and other services to eligible victims. A safe space for children is available on the second floor of the annex under the supervision of Safe Horizon.

A pool of cross-trained, dedicated attorneys from, the Assigned Counsel Panel, the Legal Aid Society, the Queens Law Associates and the Children’s Law Center, whose attorneys act as Law Guardians representing the children of the litigating parties, are present in the Court to accept assignments from the IDV Court for parties who qualify for their services.