Court Security

court security titles
New York State Court Officers are peace officers responsible for providing law enforcement, security services and maintaining order in the courtrooms and building facilities. Court officers have exciting opportunities to grow and advance through the competitive testing process (outlined below) or by joining specialized teams and departments including the Special Response Team (SRT), Department of Public Safety, Mobile Security Patrol (MSP), Court Officers Academy as Training Officers and the Division of Human Resources as Applicant Verification and Compliance Officers. Court officers may also advance as security managers and coordinators responsible for the security operations of courts and districts.








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How Do I Become a New York State Court Officer?

Exam Information

  • Take the open-competitive NYS Court Officer–Trainee Exam (JG-16)


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • At time of appointment to the Court Officers Academy, candidate must be at least 20½ years of age, NYS resident, a US citizen and have a valid NYS Driver License


Receive Exam Score and Rank (approximately six months to a year after taking the exam).

Subject to successfully passing the exam and canvass, candidate will:

• Receive Conditional Job Offer

• Indicate Location Preference (where candidate would like to work in New York State)

• Attend the Scheduled Interview

• Receive Appointment Letter

• Schedule and Complete a Multi-Phase Screening Process including the Physical Ability Test (PAT), Vision Screening, Psychological Interview, Background Investigation and Review and Medical Exam (the process can take from three months to one year from date of PAT).

Subject to successful completion of all steps of the multi-phase screening process, candidate will:

• Receive Appointment Letter to the Academy

• Accept Appointment to the Academy

• Successfully Complete Academy Training

• Deploy to Assigned Court/District Location

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Career Progression


• Successfully Serve Two Years in the NYS Court Officer – Trainee Title. After two years, automatically promote to NYS Court Officer (JG-19) title.

• Take the NYS Court Officer – Sergeant and then the NYS Court Officer – Lieutenant Promotional Exams (also eligible to take the Court Clerk/Senior Court Clerk Promotional Exam)

• Advance based on job experience: Interview for specialized security positions and leadership roles such as Major, Security Coordinator and other security positions in the Department of Public Safety








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