The best way to file your attorney registration or make address changes is via Attorney Online Services found at www.nycourts.gov/attorneys. You may also contact us via email at attyreg@nycourts.gov for further assistance.

Note: Effective October 20, 2020, OCA will no longer mail blue receipts for biennial attorney registration filings and changes of address to attorneys. Instead, attorneys may print these attorney registration receipts at any time via their Online Services account.

Section 468-a of the NY Judiciary Law and 22 NYCRR Part 118 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts require the biennial registration of all attorneys admitted in the State of New York, whether they are resident or non-resident, active or retired, or practicing law in New York or elsewhere. All attorneys are required to renew their attorney registration every two years, within 30 days after their birthday.

The fee for registration is $375.00 (of which $60.00 is deposited in the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, $50.00 in the Indigent Legal Services Fund, $25.00 in the Legal Services Assistance Fund, and the remainder in the Attorney Licensing Fund).

No fee is required from an attorney who certifies that he or she is retired from the practice of law as defined in 22 NYCRR 118.1(g).

Effective as of April 1, 2021


Attorney Online Services

New York State attorneys can file their biennial registration and change their attorney registration information electronically by establishing an Attorney Online Services account. Attorneys can establish an online account using the link below:

New York Attorneys may access any of the following systems using their online account:

Attorney Registration 
Electronic Filing – NYSCEF 
Court of Appeals E-Filing – Court-PASS 
Case Tracking – eTrack 
Secure Pass ID – RENEWAL 
Retainer & Closing E-Filing

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How Do I Change My Attorney Registration Info?

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Registration Links

Certificates of Good Standing

In-House Counsel Registration

Legal Consultant Registration

Notices to the Bar: Disciplinary Action for Failure to Register

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