Important Notices

Effective July 1, 2022

  1. The Bronx County Surrogate’s Court will be using New Citation Forms.
  2. Calendar appearances shall continue to be conducted virtually, but a party may appear in-person if it notifies the Court of this intention at least three business days before the scheduled court appearance.
    The Court’s protocols for court appearances are set forth in the linked “Virtual Appearance Notice” which must be served with every citation.
  3. All citations issued after July 1, 2022 must be served in accordance with Article 3 of the Surrogate Court’s Procedure Act (e. g., the Court will require personal service on domiciliaries).   

Effective June 24, 2022

  1. Bronx County Surrogate’s Court filings, documents and historical records can be viewed remotely using the Websurrogate Program.

County SealThe Surrogate’s Court hears cases involving the affairs (estate) of a decedent (person who passed away). The Surrogate’s Court authorizes either an Administrator or an Executor to handle an estate and distribute the money, property, or other asset according to the law or according to the Will, if one was left by the person who passed away. The Surrogate’s Court also oversees Adoptions and matters when someone is asking to become the Guardian of the property of an infant (before the age of 18) or the Guardian of a person who became intellectually or developmentally disabled before age twenty-two (22) or suffered a traumatic brain injury at any age.

Help Center For Unrepresented Court Users

The Surrogate’s Court Help Center, under the leadership of the Honorable Nelida Malavé-Gonzalez, Surrogate of Bronx County, assists self-represented parties so they can have clear and unencumbered access to the Court. The Help Center provides basic information on procedural matters, court rules and statutes. Some forms and informational brochures are also available.

Under no circumstances can the office provide you with legal advice.

The Help Center may provide information or explain court procedures and policies. Additionally, the office may identify different options available to a party. The Help Center cannot advise a self-represented party whether to start a case, recommend which process or procedure to use or do legal research for you. The office may provide you with available public resources throughout New York City. The Help Center may not assist you in filling out these forms. You must do your own legal research to determine the legal content of the forms or consult with an attorney if you have specific legal questions.

Selected forms & instructions are available at http://ww2.nycourts.gov/forms/surrogates/index.shtml

Note: The New York State Unified Court System offers a web site for Do-It-Yourself forms for Small Estates (under $50,000) and Guardianship (17A) matters at http://nycourts.gov/courthelp/.

For frequently asked questions about NYC Surrogate’s court, go to https://www.nycourts.gov/courts/nyc/surrogates/faqs.shtml

Help Center Contact Info:
E-mail: [email protected]
English: (718) 618-1722
Español: (718) 618-1744


Resources Available to Filers of this Court

Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records - New York State Department of Health (ny.gov)

Bronx County Public Administrator (bxcountypa.com): for cases where there is no next of kin available or no one qualifies to file

Bronx Property Clerk’s Office, 215 East 161st Street, Room C27: for items held by NYPD, Property Invoice to be provided to Court

County Clerk’s Office, 851 Grand Concourse, Room 118: Notary is available, at no charge to witness your signing of the documents required in this Court

Certificate of Relief from Disabilities (nycourts.gov): to remove barrier to becoming an Administrator or Executor

Help Center (nycourts.gov) for assistance in other Courts such as: Civil Supreme (including Matrimonial), NYC Civil Court, Small Claims Court, NYC Housing Court, Family Court, Integrated Domestic Violence Court, NYS Court of Claims

Legal Glossary (nycourts.gov): words commonly used in Court

M-860W_FILLABLE (nyc.gov): HRA Burial Assistance Application

Office of Chief Medical Examiner (nyc.gov): Reports of Death, Investigations/Forensics

Planning & Estates Law Project (City Bar Justice Center): Guidance on Surrogate Court Forms & Estate Planning from the NYC Bar Association

Surrogate's Court DIY Forms (nycourts.gov): Do-It-Yourself forms (complete a questionnaire, print, & submit original signed notarized document with an Original Death Certificate when filing)

Has the Police Dept. sealed your family member's Bronx residence?

Office Info

851 Grand Concourse 3rd Floor
Bronx, NY 10451

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Surrogate Judge
Hon. Nelida Malavé-Gonzalez

Chief Clerk 
Elix R. Madera-Fliegelman

Deputy Chief Clerk
Sharlotte S. Smith


Administration: 718-618-2370
contact this Department for Decedents without a will who leave real and/or personal property having a value of more than $50,000

Calendar Clerk: 718-618-2373

Cashier: 718-618-2396
(Certificates, Certifications, and Record Searches)

Guardian: 718-618-2380
(SCPA Article 17 - Infant; SCPA Article 17A Applications; and Guardianship Annual Accountings)
DIY Guardianship Article 17A Petition Program For pro-se applications SCPA Article 17A for guardianship of person and property.

Inventory of Assets: 718-618-2385
(To be filed no later than 9 months of the date letters issued to fiduciary)

Miscellaneous & Accounting: 718-618-2375
(Estate and Trust Accountings and Proceedings to Compromise Actions; Revoke Letters; Compel Fiduciaries to Account, Establish Supplemental needs Trust, as well as SCPA Article 21 Miscellaneous Proceedings)

Probate: 718-618-2365
contact this Department for Decedents with a will who leave real and/or personal property having a value of more than $50,000; this Department also handles requests to open a safe deposit box

Small Estate: 718-618-2309
(Decedents with a will or without a will leaving personal property with a value of less than $50,000 in his or her name only)
DIY Small Estate Affidavit Program Pro-se applications for voluntary administration with or without a will.


Mission Statement

The primary goal of Bronx County Surrogate's Court is to fulfill its constitutional and statutory mandates regarding decedents’ estates, trusts and guardianships in an efficient and professional manner for all court users.

It is the mission of Bronx County Surrogate's Court to continue its long tradition of serving all court users in a professional and respectful manner, bearing in mind they may have recently experienced the loss of a loved one or require assistance for a special needs family member.

Our Surrogate, the Honorable Nelida Malavé-Gonzalez , recognizes the efforts of the court's employees and, through her leadership, resolves to foster the staff's dedication and professionalism.