ADA Information for


ADA Accommodation requests/inquiries may be directed to:

For Hudson City Court
Acting District Executive Christy Bass at or (518) 285-8300.

Commissioner of Jurors
Terri Johnston at

If you are sending an email, please put “ADA Accommodation Request” in the subject line.

For more details on how to get an accommodation, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page (“Q. How Do I Request an Accommodation?”). Please ask for the accommodation at least a few days before you come to court.

COURT ADDRESS: 401 Union Street, Hudson Valley, NY 12534

Elevators ELEVATORS: Available on all public floors


Restrooms RESTROOMS: Available on all floors.


Parking PARKING: Public parking on-site and adjacent to the facility.


ADA ENTRANCES: Main entrance. Entrance is accessed by pushing a button.




Description of photo: A full view of the courthouse. There walkway going straight leads to stairs. There ramps to the left and right of those stairs.


For more information on ADA and the Courts, please visit the Unified Court System’s ADA website: