OCA-STAT Act Report

The Division of Technology & Court Research (DoTCR) created the OCA-STAT Act extract in response to Judiciary Law § 212 (2) (u-1) and (v-1), requiring the Unified Court System (UCS) to compile and publish data on low-level offenses, including misdemeanors and violations. Responding to recommendations of the Equal Justice in the NYS Courts Committee, the OCA-STAT Act extract has been expanded to include data on felony cases as well. 

The de-identified csv extract contains statewide criminal arraignments beginning November 1, 2020 and will be refreshed monthly to add cases from the previous month and to update information from months prior. Each row contains a defendant-docket arraigned with a top charge of felony, misdemeanor, or violation. Information on case location, intake process, top charge, demographics, case status, disposition, and sentencing are included. 

Important Note: Covid has resulted in the rescheduling of arraignments for a significant number of Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) and summons cases. Therefore, these cases will not be included on the extract until they have been arraigned.

Outside New York City

  • 1,200+ Town & Village Courts (finger-printable offenses only)
  • 61 City Courts
  • 2 District Courts
  • 57 County Courts (including Supreme Criminal Terms)
  • New York City

  • 5 Criminal Courts of the City of New York
  • 2 Community Courts
  • 5 Supreme Courts (Criminal Terms)
  • Download the OCA-STAT Act Data Extract Updated 4/6/21*

    *The NYC Community Courts currently switched to a new case management system. You will be unable to distinguish the community courts from other local NYC criminal courts this month. We are working to resolve this for the next extract.

    Download the OCA-STAT Act Data Dictionary