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Constitution of the United States

U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals Decisions

Federal Register SearchFederal Rules of Civil Procedure
Full text, current decisions and legal material as well as access to court rules and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure - Cornell University Site

Government Printing Office – Judicial Branch Resources

Library of Congress
Contains legislation in U.S. Congress, links to the Congressional Record, Search Treaties

Opinions from the Federal Courts: Cornell's Legal Information Institute

The PACER Case Locator is a national index for U.S. district, bankruptcy and appellate courts. The system serves as a search tool for PACER, and you may conduct nationwide searches to determine whether or not a party is involved in federal litigation.

Supreme Court of the United States
Contains docket and court rules, information for visitors and those who wish to plead a case before the nation's highest court, as well as links to bench opinions and term decisions.

United States Federal Courts
(Includes links to individual courts)

United States Supreme Court Collection - Legal Information Institute 
Pending cases as well as decisions from May 1990 to present.

United States Tax Court
Tax Court opinions and memoranda searchable by petitioner's name, date and judge. Court forms, rules and fee schedules.

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