Appear In Court By Phone Or Video


COVID-19 requires judges, attorneys and litigants to embrace new and perhaps unfamiliar technologies in order for the courts to perform their vital functions during this era of virtual proceedings. With the generous support of the Redlich Horwitz Foundation, the Unified Court System is producing a series of programs addressing advocacy, representation and hearings in the virtual Family Court setting.



The first installment is a concise primer on the ins and outs of using Skype to take part in a court proceeding and is now available:
Participating in a Virtual Court Appearance Via Skype for Business:
Video | Transcript | Powerpoint (.pptx file download)

Subsequent programs over the coming weeks and months will dive deeper into the technical details of navigating (Skype) Teams, legal ramifications for virtual proceedings and practical considerations for litigants and attorneys, such as a step by step guide for virtually submitting and preserving documentary and physical evidence.