Integrated Part

Part I, New York County

The NYS Courts Access to Justice Program oversees the New York County’s Integrated Part, otherwise known as Part I. Part I was created in June 2008, with the goal of being able to resolve the legal matters presented taking into account the litigant’s court history, unique circumstances, and needs. Such a Part eliminates the need for an often physically or mentally fragile litigant to go before two different Courts, thereby lessening the stress the litigant may be facing. By taking a holistic approach, the Judge is able to fashion solutions that aim to address the “root cause” of the existing legal problems and prevent recidivism.

Cases are transferred into Part I when a tenant living in NY County is the subject of both a Civil Court, Housing Part case and a Supreme Court, Article 81 Guardianship case. Upon transfer, both cases are combined and adjudicated by an Acting Supreme Court Justice.

The New York Law Journal article Innovative Part Integrates Guardianship and Housing Matters describes how this special part has handled hundreds of integrated cases in a particularly efficient, creative, and sensitive manner.