From Court Hearing to Guardianship Commision - The Oath & Designation

The Oath and Designation (sometimes just called the “Designation”) gives the county clerk the power to accept legal papers on behalf of your ward in case you cannot be found.  When an Oath and Designation form is used guardians must also promise the court that they will follow the Order and Judgment faithfully, honestly, and with care. (View a sample of an Oath and Designation.)  You must sign the Oath and Designation in the presence of a Notary Public and once it is signed, you must file it in the county clerk’s office. 

What information is in the Oath and Designation? 
In the Oath and Designation you state that:

  • You are going to carry out your responsibilities honestly, that you will be careful with your ward’s money, and that you will report regularly on what you have done to care for your ward’s person and property;
  • You are over 18 and a US citizen or you have a green card;   
  • You agree that the county clerk may be served with any legal papers if you cannot be found.
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Where can I get an Oath and Designation?
You can usually get a blank copy of the Oath and Designation from the county clerk’s office in the courthouse.

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