From Court Hearing to Guardianship Commision

The Guardianship Commission is the official document that gives guardians the legal power to act on behalf of another adult - it is the paper you have been waiting for and it is your proof that you have the power to decide and act for your ward in those areas the court has ordered.  In most cases the Commission is attached to the Order and Judgment. (View a sample of a Guardianship Commission.)

Once the county clerk has given you the signed Guardianship Commission, you should make at least two copies and have each copy certified at the county clerk’s office.  You will need an original certified copy of the Commission for each bank, brokerage house, or other financial institution, hospital or nursing home or any other important organization or facility where you must transact business for your ward.  Some institutions may want to see the Order and Judgment as well as the Commission.  When you show your certified Commission to any party, you should ask them to make their own copy for their files so that you can take your own certified copy back home with you.

NOTE: The word “commission” is sometimes confusing since it also refers to court-approved compensation (payment) for work done by the guardian.  But in general, a Commission is the document that provides proof that you have been appointed guardian for someone else.