Judicial Ethics Quiz

How are your ethics instincts? Jot down your own answers, then check the answer key.


1. Yes/No: Where a municipality has previously declined to add court officers' names to a memorial honoring first responders who died during rescue efforts following a terrorist attack, may a judge nonetheless write a letter urging the municipality to add those names? (Need a hint?)

2. Yes/No: Must a judge report to the probation department that an individual appearing before the judge has violated his/her probation? (Need a hint?)

3. Select One: Where a judge's law clerk is the former District Attorney, what is the judge's obligation in cases involving that office? Your choices are:
     (a) Judge disqualified, subject to remittal, in all DA cases for two years;
     (b) Disclose + insulate law clerk in all DA cases for two years;
     (c) Disclose + insulate law clerk in all DA cases that arose during his/her former tenure; or
     (d) Disclose + insulate law clerk from cases he/she participated in personally and substantially as DA. (Need a hint?)

4. Yes/No: May a full-time judge participate in non-commercial podcasts about New York legal issues, or science fiction and comic book characters and legal issues that may arise in fictional works? (Need a hint?)

5. Short Answer: How long is a judge disqualified from matters involving an attorney he/she reported to the grievance committee? (Need a hint?)

6. Yes/No: May a judge be a member of the Shooters Committee on Political Education? (Need a hint?)

7. Select One: May a town justice preside over a bench trial, where a town board member who votes on the judge's salary is a necessary witness whose credibility the judge must evaluate? Your choices are:
     (a) Yes, because the town board member is only a witness, and not a party.
     (b) Yes, provided the judge fully discloses the relationship.
     (c) No, the judge is always disqualified and remittal is not available.
     (d) No, the judge is disqualified, but the disqualification is subject to remittal. (Need a hint?)

8. Yes/No: May a judge serve as a character reference for a court intern who has applied for a pistol permit? (Need a hint?)

9. Yes/No: May a judge who presides over a re-adoption proceeding involving an attorney (who is otherwise an "acquaintance" per Opinion 11-125) thereafter preside in matters involving the attorney and/or his/her law firm? (Need a hint?)

10. Yes/No: May a judge respond to an inquiry from an Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission regarding the qualifications of a candidate for judicial office in another judicial district? (Need a hint?)


How did you do? Check the Answer Key.