Learning Corner: Educational and Reference Materials

As a pilot project, we are developing some educational/reference materials on selected topics. They are not intended to replace or modify any published opinions.

These pages are intended to serve as a starting point for research. They are not necessarily a comprehensive listing of all opinions on the topic. Please contact the Advisory Committee for guidance if your facts are not identical to a published opinion.

We welcome your feedback on this approach and format.


Subject-Matter Topics

These pages collect some opinions on a particular theme.

  1. Judicial Speech
    • Judicial Speech Primer (Mar 2018) - Intended to provide a starting point for understanding some of the most common limitations on judicial speech. Please note it does not address participation in public advocacy activities, where the outcome may be highly fact-specific.
  2. Extra-Judicial Activities


Miscellaneous Reference Materials

  • Ethics "Cheat Sheets" (May 2017) - reference materials covering some common issues and recommendations regarding disqualification, ex parte communications, when to seek help, and more.
  • Dos and Don'ts chart (May 2017) - some simplified reminders, intended to help alert a judge when he/she may need to ask for guidance or clarification before engaging in certain activities