During the current public health emergency, the Advisory Committee will make every effort to address judicial ethics questions from our judges and quasi-judicial officials. While we anticipate substantial delays in issuing written opinions, judges may call us at 1-866-795-8343 to learn the disposition of inquiries considered at the Committee’s meetings of January 30 and March 19, or to request informal guidance on new issues as they arise. Please state your name and contact information clearly on our voicemail so we can return your call. (In addition, judges may email us written inquiries for consideration at our next meeting. At this time, we anticipate that inquiries received through April 20, 2020 will be on the agenda for the Committee’s consideration on April 30, 2020.)



The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics provides ethics advice to judges, justices and quasi-judicial officials of the NYS Unified Court System about their own conduct.

Our sole mission is to help judges comply with the Rules Governing Judicial Conduct.

Co-Chairs: Hon. George D. Marlow
Hon. Margaret T. Walsh

Hon. Daniel Angiolillo

Chief Counsel: Laura L. Smith, Esq.


Contact Information

Telephone: 1-866-795-8343 (toll free)

E-Mail: See the Committee's NEW policy for more information.


Self-Help (Finding Opinions)

In addition to the search engine, here are some alternatives to make our opinions more accessible:


Inquiry Status

Once the Committee meets and decides an inquiry (see Meeting Dates), the inquiring judge may call us at 1-866-795-8343 to learn the disposition immediately by telephone.

A formal written opinion will follow in due course.