Hon. Robin K. Sheares: Part 96 Rules

360 Adams Street 
Room 364 
Brooklyn, NY 11201
347-404-9761    Courtroom 
347-296-1551    Chambers
212-618-5331     Facsimile   

Principal Court Attorney: Tyedanita McLean, Esq. (tmclean@nycourts.gov)    
Part Clerk: India Fields 

Updated: June 24, 2021 


All inquiries as to case or calendar status should, in the first instance, be made to the Motion Support Office at (347) 296-1694.  Ex-Parte communication with Chambers by phone or otherwise is not permitted.   


All inquiries regarding discovery or discovery motions are to be directed to the Intake Part or the Centralized Compliance Part, as applicable.  


  1. All motions require VIRTUAL appearances.  There are NO exceptions. 
  3. BEFORE emailing the Principal Court Attorney or the Part Clerk, check e-courts to determine which motion(s) is before the court, that the motion(s) is not being heard in the Centralized Compliance Part, and/or which party you represent.
  4. E-courts should be updated with a current working email address of an attorney who will be responsible for corresponding with the court regarding motions. 
  5. Once the Principal Court Attorney confirms that the motion(s) is ready to be heard, they will schedule your matter for a date and time certain. 
  6. Once the Principal Court Attorney schedules your motion(s) to be heard on a date/time certain, that is when that the motion(s) will be heard, not the date indicated on e-courts.   
  7. It is the attorneys’ responsibility to inform their calendar clerk and/or paralegal of the adjourn date, NOT the Principal Court Attorney and/or the Part Clerk. Once you receive the date/time that your motion(s) is to be heard, notify your calendar clerk and/or paralegal so that (s)he will not need to contact the part for that information. 
  8. Once you receive the date/time that your motion(s) is to be heard, put it on your calendar. If you do not remember when your motion(s) is scheduled to be heard, re-read the email correspondence for that information BEFORE contacting the Principal Court Attorney and/or the Part Clerk. 
  9. DO NOT send a working copy of the motion(s) papers to chambers.  All papers should be filed electronically. 
  10. If your matter is not electronically filed, you must contact the Principal Court Attorney if your matter is fully briefed and email her a copy of all documents needed for the hearing. You are strongly encouraged to convert your matter to electronic filing.
  11. Motion papers, answering affidavits, and reply affidavits must be served on adversaries as per CPLR §2214. 
  12. Summary judgment motions must be made within sixty (60) days of the filing of the Note of Issue. 
  13. Proposed orders to show cause must be brought to the Ex Parte Motion Support Office prior to submission to the part. DO NOT send them directly to chambers.  Fees, as required by law, must be paid to the County Clerk prior to submission. 
  14. If, after arguments, the judge renders a decision on your motion(s), a typed-written decision is to be emailed to the Principle Court Attorney by 3:00 pm the following business day.
  15. All proposed decisions MUST be reviewed by all attorneys PRIOR to emailing it/them to the Principal Court Attorney.

Foreclosure Motions 

  1. If you have a question regarding Covid-19 conferences, DO NOT email chambers.  Contact the foreclosure department at 360ASupremeCivilForeclosure@nycourts.gov
  2. DO NOT send Hardship Declaration forms to chambers.  Email those forms directly to 360ASupremeCivilForeclosure@nycourts.gov
  3. Please note, Judge Sheares has been reassigned to a trial part.  She is only hearing the following types of foreclosure motions: Motions to Discontinue, Withdrawal of Counsel, and motions dealing with the distribution of funds/surplus funds.  All other motions will be administratively adjourned.
  4. Unopposed Motions to Discontinue will be taken on submission.
  5. Motions dealing with the distribution of funds/surplus funds WILL NOT be taken on submission, even if they are unopposed. 

Infant Compromise Hearings

All hearings are scheduled by the Court.  Prior to scheduling, the Court must receive the proposed order, copies of all relevant medical records, doctor(s) affirmations, and an NYC Department of Human Resources Lien/No Lien Letter.