Matrimonial Practice Advisory & Rules Committee

The Matrimonial Practice Advisory and Rules Committee is one of the standing advisory
committees established by the Chief Administrative Judge pursuant to Section 212(1)(q) of the
Judiciary Law, consisting of Judges and Attorneys from around the State. The Committee
annually recommends to the Chief Administrative Judge legislative proposals in the field of
matrimonial law to be considered for the Chief Administrative Judge’s Legislative Program.
These proposals are based on the Committee’s observations and studies, review of case law and
legislation, and suggestions received from the bench and bar. In addition, the Committee
provides its comments to the Chief Administrative Judge on pending legislative proposals
concerning matrimonial law. The Committee also assesses existing court rules and court forms,
and advises the Chief Administrative Judge on the need for additional rules and forms, and on
the development of practices to assist litigants and attorneys in the timely and productive
management of matrimonial matters. On behalf of the Chief Administrative Judge, the
Committee maintains liaisons with bar associations, legislators, and other groups active in the
matrimonial field, and also assists the New York State Judicial Institute established pursuant to
Section 219-a of the Judiciary Law with providing legal education for Judges and Court
Attorneys handling matrimonial matters.

Honorable Jeffrey S. Sunshine
Justice of the Supreme Court, Kings County and
Supervising Judge for Matrimonial Matters,
Supreme Court, Kings County
Brooklyn, New York

Susan W. Kaufman, Esq.
Court Attorney Referee, Westchester Supreme Court
White Plains, New York

Honorary Chairs and Regular Members