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Matrimonial Part Rules(rev 11/01/2022)

E-filing is now available on a voluntary basis in the matrimonial part. See the Guide to Working Copies.

Instructions for Filing Uncontested Matrimonial Judgment of Divorce Packet and Settled Matrimonial Judgment of Divorce


New Matrimonial Trial Ready Order (rev 07/17/17)

Preliminary Conference Stipulation/Order with Respect to Grounds for Divorce (rev 6/5/2020)

Preliminary Conference Stipulation/Order Contested Matrimonial (rev 6/5/2020)

Trial Ready Order (rev 10/18/22)

Rule E Motion Compliance Sheet (rev 6/28/12)

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Contact Information

Supervising Judge
Hon. Victor Grossman


Hon. Hal Greenwald
Courtroom: 1000
Clerk: Selene Jackson
Phone: 914-824-5822

Hon. Melissa A. Loehr
Courtroom 1002
Clerk: Justine Guardiola
Phone: 914-824-5396

Hon. Robert S. Ondrovic
Courtroom 1003
Clerk: Lucille Valentin
Phone: 914-824-5364

Hon. Thomas Quinones
Courtroom 1001
Clerk: Anissa Robinson
Phone: 914-824-5161

Rosemary Palladino, Matrimonial Coordinator
Phone: 914-824-5337

Court Attorney Referees
Janet Gandolfo
Erin Guven
Laurie Sullivan
Josephine Trovini

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Alternative Dispute Resolution



Divorce Resources (Statewide)

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