How To Proceed With Your City Code or ABC Ticket

1. It is your responsibility to appear at Ithaca City Court at the date and time indicated on your ticket. At that time you may plead guilty or plead not guilty. If you plead guilty, a fine or other sentence will be imposed. If you plead not guilty, a non-jury trial will be scheduled to hear your case.

Failure to Appear in Court as directed, may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest.

2. If you feel you can not attend the designated court session, you may request an adjournment by contacting Ithaca City Court directly. Adjournment of any court appearance is subject to approval of the judge with consent from the prosecutor.

3. You may appear at Ithaca City Court prior to your scheduled court date to plead guilty by completing a written plea and waiver form (available at the City Courthouse, 2nd floor window) and filing it with Ithaca City Court. 

4. Any requests for adjournments must be directed to Ithaca City Court {NOT the Assistant City Attorney} in writing.

5. You may meet with the Ithaca Assistant City Attorney to discuss the circumstances of your ticket. The office hours for the Ithaca Assistant City Attorney are available at the link below. The Assistant City Attorney cannot adjourn cases.

Assistant City Attorney Office Hours