Cortland City Court


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  (Or call 1-347-378-4143 and use conference ID 458 137 192)

Please be advised that Cortland City Court will be expanding operations as of May 20, 2020 to include acceptance of new filings and the processing of payments.

Please note however, that due to the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency, the Court is encouraging electronic delivery of such business to the greatest extent possible. You may correspond with the Court via Mail (25 Court Street, Cortland, NY 13045) email (cortlandcity@nycourts.govfax (607-218-3299) or thru the Electronic Document Delivery System.

Making Payments:
Please click here for information sheet
Please click here to go to the Credit Card Authorization Form

Filing Papers:
If you are filing documents pertaining to an existing case you may do so using the Electronic Document Delivery System. The link to go directly to the EDDS system is here. For additional notes and options for filing a new case or documents on existing cases please click here for our information sheet.

Please note: 
Evictions will be handled in accordance with the most recent Administrative Order which can be found at

Small Claims/Commercial Claims will be accepted but will not be scheduled for a hearing until such time as the Court is able to open fully for in-person court sessions.

Additional information and updates as to the NYS Unified Court System response to the Covid-19 health emergency can be found here

City Hall
25 Court Street
Cortland, NY 13045
Phone: 607-218-3300
Fax: 607-218-3299

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
(As of January 3, 2017)


Judges' Chambers

Hon. Elizabeth A. Burns
Hon. Lawrence J. Knickerbocker

Michele Babcock

Court Attorney
Margaret S. Bardsley


Chief Clerks

Chief Clerk
Diana L. Davis

Deputy Chief Clerk
Janine M. Camillo




Cortland City Hall

All visitors must pass through a
magnetometer upon entering City Hall.


If posting bail by bond during normal business hours please report to the Court Clerk's window for bond review.

If posting bail by bond after hours please report to Cortland City Police or the Cortland County Jail. Either agency can contact the judge that is on call. The Judge will determine a time for the bond to be reviewed.

If posting bail (other than by bond) for someone held in Cortland County Jail you must do so at the jail. If by bond the bond must be reviewed by the Judge and then taken to the jail.