Family Treatment Court


The Family Treatment Court is a special program designed to help you and your children get back together or stay together. To reach that goal, this program will help you recover from substance abuse by referring you to a substance abuse treatment program and monitoring you progress there. This program will also help to make sure that while you are in treatment, you stay in contact with your kids and plan for their future.

We hope that by working together, we can help you break the cycle of addiction and build a better life for yourself and your children.

To reunify your family, this program requires that you complete 12 -18 months of treatment as well as many other requirements. As you work through treatment at a community based treatment program, you will also progress through phases of participation here at the Court. Each Phase has specific requirements for advancement. The Court and your case manager will constantly monitor your progress and help you toward reaching those requirements. Once you have completed all the Phases and all the treatment court requirements, you will be eligible to be considered for graduation.
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These are some of the ways the Treatment Court Program is different and can benefit you:

A case manager will be assigned to you to assess your needs and help you as you go through the Court process.

  • You will quickly be linked to an appropriate treatment program, parenting skills workshops and any other services you need.
  • You will get ongoing support and assistance in staying connected to your children while they are in foster care.
  • You will have many chances to increase visitation with your kids as you establish sobriety and become more stable in treatment.
  • You will get ongoing support if you have problems getting or staying clean.
  • You can participate in special support groups with other parents going through the same things that you are going through.
  • You will be linked to health care, educational and vocational training and other services.
  • You and your family can participate in family group conferences and work together towards reunification.

Phases of FTC Participation

One of the Treatment Court's goals is to get you into a treatment program and help you stay in treatment until you.

To help you focus on meeting the requirements for graduation, you will pass through three phases of treatment while participating at the Treatment Court. The following questions and answers explain what the phases are.

What is a Phase?

A phase is a stage of participation at the Treatment Court. There are three Phases of participation, Phase I: Choice; Phase II: Challenge, and; Phase III: Change.

Why are there Phases?

Recovery from substance abuse is a long process. Sometimes, setting short-term goals can help you feel less overwhelmed. Breaking down the specific requirements for graduation and/or reunification can also help you stay focused on success.

How will I move through Phases?

Each phase has a set of specific requirements. Once all the requirements for the phase have been met, you will be eligible to advance to the next phase. When you advance a phase, you will receive a Certificate of Advancement in Court from the Judge.

How long will it take to complete all the Phases?

The average range of time for completion of all three phases and the dispositional period is 15 - 18 months.

What happens when I complete all the Phases?

Once you complete all the Phases and have successfully created a safe and stable home for your kids, you will be eligible to be considered for graduation.

What happens if I fail to complete all of the Phases?

If you do not comply with all aspects of the treatment plan that the court orders, the court can decide on a different permanent home for your kids and/or can terminate your parental rights.