Criminal Court - Record Searches and Certificates of Disposition


Effective July 14, 2003, Plattsburgh City Court no longer performs Criminal History Searches. To have a single statewide search of misdemeanor and felony records in all 62 New York counties, please submit an application and the required fee to the:

New York State Office of Court Administration
Office of Administrative Services
Criminal History Record Search
25 Beaver Street (Room 840, front counter)
New York, NY 10004

Applications for Record Searches can be obtained from any City or County Court, or by calling the Criminal History Record Search Intake Unit at (212) 428-2810.



A Certificate of Disposition is an official court document affixed with the Court Seal that indicates the disposition of the case.

The Court will not prepare a Certificate of Disposition in advance of the receipt of the proper fee. The required $5 fee must be paid in cash or money order payable to the City Court; the court does NOT accept personal checks. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the Court to return your Certificate to you

If a case is sealed and you are the defendant, proper proof of identification or a notarized statement will be required to prepare a Certificate of Disposition. If you are acting as an agent for an individual that has a sealed record, you must provide a notarized statement from the defendant indicating permission for the sealed record information to be released in the form of a Certificate of Disposition.

If a record is sealed and you are not the defendant or do not have the written permission of the defendant for the release of the information, the Court can not acknowledge that a record exists (Criminal Procedure Law sec. 160.50 ).