Civil Court

Civil Actions

Small Claims/Commercial Claims

  • Who can file? What is the monetary limit and geographic jurisdiction?
  • Counterclaims
  • How to File in the City Court
  • Small Claims Court Schedule
  • Instructional Guide to Small Claims
  • Instructional Guide to Commercial Claims
  • Information for Defendants in a Small Claim Action
  • Information for Defendants in a Commercial Claim Action
  • Withdrawing a Small Claim/Commercial Claim
  • Mediation

Summary Proceedings (Evictions)

  • Non-Payment Proceedings
  • Holdover Proceedings  (Eviction at end of term of lease or verbal agreement)
  • Proceedings to Evict for Violations of the Lease or Law

How to Subpoena

  • A Witness
  • Documents or Records

How to Collect a Money Judgment

How to Appeal a Civil Court Decision