Richmond County (Staten Island)

Richmond County Courthouse Centennial
The Richmond County Courthouse was designed by Carrere and Hastings, and dedicated on November 3, 1919 and is a New York City Landmark.
This courthouse was the fourth courthouse to serve Richmond County. Originally this building housed the Supreme Court, the Surrogate's Court, County Clerk, District Attorney and county records. Over the past 100 years, many significant cases have been decided within these walls.
Today, this extraordinary example of neoclassical architecture houses the Richmond County Surrogate's Court, the Family Court and the Matrimonial Parts of State Supreme Court for the state's 13th Judicial District.
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Richmond County Courthouse
18 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301
Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
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Courtroom InteriorAfter the death of a loved one, surviving family members often discover they have many tasks to perform so that the decedent’s affairs may be put in order. Handling these responsibilities in a timely manner can be a confusing and added hardship to the survivors.

The Surrogate’s Court of Richmond County exercises jurisdiction over the probate of wills and grants letters testamentary and letters of administration, as well as guardianship of infants and developmentally disabled individuals. It also approves adoptions, exercises control over executors, administrators, trustees and guardians, passes upon and settles accounts of fiduciaries and renders judicial determination to the foregoing matters.

This Court meets the needs of over 500,000 residents of the borough of Staten Island. Indeed the Court for years has garnered a reputation for high standards of quality service and has been staffed by multi-talented court personnel. Yet the unique character of this Court has been maintained dating back to its earliest days.

Surrogate Matthew J. Titone and the Richmond County Surrogate’s Court stand ready to assist families whose relatives suffered physical harm or were killed as a result of the terrorist-related aircraft crashes of September 11, 2001 or the debris removal efforts that took place in the immediate aftermath of those crashes. The Richmond County Surrogate’s Court Help Center is available Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM to help families with issues relating to their deceased relatives, from permission to enter a sealed residence to answering procedural questions regarding the administration of an estate.

To contact the Court please call 718-675-8500 or visit us at 18 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY, Room 201.


Office Info

18 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301

Honorable Matthew J. Titone

Chief Clerk
Ronald M. Cerrachio

Deputy Chief Clerk
Jane E. Stilwell

Photo - 18 Richmond Terrace