Governor Cuomo just announced that New York's COVID state of emergency will expire 5PM today, June 24th, and will not be renewed. The expiration of the state of emergency means that the Governor will no longer be able to suspend and modify laws using executive orders.

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The Civil Term, Bronx Supreme Court, handles civil cases over $25,000. 

The majority of the cases involve medical malpractice, labor laws, motor vehicle cases and other torts (civil cases designed to provide relief to persons who have been harmed due to the wrongful act of others).

Location & Hours of Operation

851 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10451

Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(Except State Holidays)

General Information

Assignment - Contact Information Sheet


AO: Discovery Conferences (09/2021)

AO: Residential Foreclosure Conference Part

Notice of Limited Appearance of Representation in CPLR 3408 Proceedings

Mortgagor's Declaration of COVID-19 Hardship

Important Notice about "Scam" Emails & Fraudulent Phone Calls Claiming to be from the New York State Court System

Bronx County Foreclosure Auction Plan

Webinar for Unrepresented Court Users

Important info on the Coronavirus & the NY State Courts

Coronavirus Info

Coronavirus Info (Spanish)

For Updated Information on APPEARANCES, please consult with E-COURTS.

COVID 19 Bronx County Foreclosure Auction Administrative Order

Extension of NOI

Administrative Orders

All conferences and motion appearances will be held virtually, as determined by the Court, via Microsoft Teams. Any matter that is not scheduled for virtual conference will be administratively adjourned. Please check E-Courts for updated adjourn dates, but understand that any date given for a virtual conference supersedes the E-Courts date. If you do not see updated information for your case, please check again later. E-Courts is continually being updated.


Pursuant to legislation enacted in 2011 and an administrative order of the Chief Administrative Judge, e-filing is mandatory in Bronx County Supreme Court in all medical malpractice actions commenced on or after February 27, 2012. 

Rules for motion practice in e-filed cases in Bronx Supreme Court

NYS Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF)

Commercial Division

Child Victims Act


Administrative Judge
Hon. Doris M. Gonzalez

headshot Doris M Gonzalez

Welcome to the Bronx County Supreme Court – Civil Term.

As Administrative Judge, I am responsible for overseeing all non-criminal matters in Bronx Supreme Court. There are approximately twenty-nine judges assigned to Civil Term, who are each responsible for an inventory of civil cases. Collectively, we are working diligently to ensure that all litigants have access to Justice. As the City begins to resume “in person” operations, we have made every effort to make our web page more user-friendly. To best assist you, we have also provided contact numbers for the prominent departments within Supreme Court. Our Help Center is also available to assist you at 718-618-1350.

We hope this web page provides you with the guidance you need in navigating our Court.

Chief Clerk
Lakisha C. Hickson

Photo of Chief Clerk

Welcome! As Chief Clerk it is my responsibility to consult with the Judges and Court Administrators to develop the court policy, administrative structures, uniform procedures and new programs. Working closely with the Administrative Judge, I supervise a large diverse staff of clerical and professional individuals to implement policies and procedures, while promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, we aim for excellence in service to our Bronx Community.

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