Special Notices

10/14/2014 - Marriage Waiver Affidavit Procedure

Applicants must bring the completed and notarized Marriage Waiver Affidavit, along with the marriage license and paid receipt to 125-01 Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens, Room 710.

No applications will be accepted after 3 pm

After Judge signs the order, the applicants must return to Room 710 to have the court seal placed on the order.

1/2/2012 - New Parts

The two new Justices assigned to the Civil Term are Rudolph Greco in Part 59 and Timothy Dufficy in Part 35. Both Justices will be sitting in the Long Island City courthouse.

6/13/2011 - Relocation and Trial Term Office

The Guardianship Office and the Court Help Office have been relocated to Room 100. The Mental Health and Bail Review Office has been relocated to Roon 109. The Foreclosure Office has been relocated to Room 22A on the 2nd Floor. The majority of the functions of the Trial Term office will be handled by the Ex-Parte Office at 718 298-1018. Notices of medical malpractice and motions for special preference will be handled by the Motion Support Office at 718 298-1009.

4/11/2011 - Commercial Division

The part rules have been amended to allow commercial foreclosure actions to remain in the commercial division.

3/4/2011 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

With the appointment of Tracy Catapano-Fox as Chief Clerk of Queens Supreme Court Civil Term, Maria Bradley has been appointed as the law secretary to Justice Weinstein and as the Program Coordinator for ADR.

1/24/2011 - Part Changes and Rule Updates

The Pre-trial Conference part is now in Room 3002 and all morning Foreclosure conferences are in Room 42A. Several Part Rules have been updated.

1/3/2011 - Part Changes, Closures, and Reassignments

Part 20 is closed and all cases reassigned to Part 22 and Part 25.

Part 35 is closed and all cases reassigned to Part 27 in Jamaica.

Part 22 Transit Cases are reassigned to Part 27.

Justice Gavrin is reassigned to Part 27 in Jamacia courtroom 505 and Part 57 is closed.

Justice Siegal has replaced Justice Satterfield in Part 19 in courtroom 48 and still sits in Part 53 in courtroom 27.

Part 51 has moved to courtroom 21.

Part 6 has moved to courtroom 24.

Justice Nahman has replaced Justice Kelly in Part 16 and sits in courtroom 44A.

Part 10 has moved to courtroom 63.

10/28/10 - Residential Foreclosures

Effective immediately, per Administrative Order, plaintiff’s counsel are required to file an affirmation certifying that counsel has taken reasonable steps, including inquiry to banks and lenders and careful review of the papers filed in the case, to verify the accuracy of documents filed in support of residential foreclosures.

In new cases, the mortgage affirmation must be filed with the original Request for Judicial Intervention which will be scanned by the County Clerk.

In pending cases in which the mortgage affirmation has not been filed with the County Clerk, the mortgage affirmation must be attached to either the proposed Order of Reference or the proposed Judgment of Foreclosure & Sale. If submitting a proposed Order of Reference or a proposed Judgment of Foreclosure & Sale with a notice of motion, counsel should attach the mortgage affirmation to the proposed order or judgment and are reminded to keep them separate and apart from the motion papers.

In cases in which a judgment of foreclosure has been entered but the property has not yet been sold at an auction, the mortgage affirmation must be submitted to the referee and a copy filed with the county clerk five business days prior to the auction.

9/7/10 - Matrimonial Preliminary Conference Form

Effective immediately, the Queens Supreme Matrimonial Department shall utilize the Preliminary Conference form listed under "General Forms".  Counsel and Litigants are encouraged to link to the Divorce Resources site, http://www.nycourts.gov/divorce/forms.shtml for forms.

7/19/10 - The following changes have been made effective this date:

  • Part 3 has been closed and the cases have been transferred to other Justices. Please see E-courts for their new assignments.
  • Justice Mayersohn is now sitting in Part 22 and Part 22G.
  • Justice Cullen is now sitting in Part 25 and Part 25G. Cases assigned to Justice Cullen in Part 20C are now in Part 25G. Part 20C has been closed.

3/29/10 - Due to a change in paper flow for all of Room 140, Guardianship & the Residential Foreclosure Part, the following procedure is in effect:

When filing papers in person, after fee processing by the COUNTY CLERK CASHIER, the application will be returned to the filing party, except cross motions*, who shall be responsible for its immediate delivery to the appropriate intake department as follows:


*Cross Motions are considered responsive papers and will not be processed or forwarded by either Motion Support or Matrimonial Offices. Counsel are advised to follow the assigned Justice’s rules regarding their submission."