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COURT REPORTER EXAM # 45-819 & SENIOR COURT REPORTER EXAMS #45-820 & #55-820 Exams will be administered statewide late Fall 2022 (date subject to change).  Filing periods to be determined. Filing periods and exam dates will be announced on this website.

Per Diem Court Interpreter Written Exams: Applicants who submitted applications on or before August 7, 2022 will be tested August 16 through August 26, 2022. Applicants who could not attend the test for any reason should file a new application. All test-related inquiries should be e-mailed to Future written exam dates have not been determined.

Per Diem Court Interpreter Oral Exams: Applicants who pass the written per diem exam should email by August 30, 2022: 

Provisional Court Reporter positions available!
View Provisional Court Reporter position qualifications & details

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Exams Currently in Progress


2020 Starting Salary: $57,166(Additional $4,300 location pay in NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester & Rockland; Additional $2,150 location pay in Orange, Dutchess & Putnam)

Exam Date

The written component of the examination was administered statewide on Friday, September 9, 2022 and Saturday, September 10, 2022.  Applicants who pass the written component will be scheduled for the oral component on a date to be announced.

Filing Period


Filing Fee

$30 application processing fee and 2.99% credit/debit card service fee

Note: Application processing fee and credit/debit card service fee are non-refundable.

Minimum Qualifications

To be eligible to compete in this examination, applicants must, by the last date of the written examination, September 10, 2022 possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

Exams Announcements

Court Interpreter (Spanish) 45-818 Examination Announcement 

Filing to Take the Exam





Examination Subject Matter & Sample Questions

The three hour written component is a computer-based examination given at locations throughout NYS.

Written Exam:

Applicants who pass the written component will be scheduled for the oral component on a date to be announced.

Oral Exam:

Veteran Credits


Veteran Credits Form

Veteran Credits Eligibility Summary

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Upcoming Exam Schedule

2022 Exam Schedule
Exam Dates Title & Salary Grade Type of Exam Filing Period

Late Fall 2022

(date subject to change)

Court Reporter (JG-24)

Senior Court Reporter (JG-27) 

Senior Court Reporter (JG-27)

Open to Public

Open to Public






August 16, 2022 


August 26, 2022


Per Diem Court Interpreter Exam

2022 Per Diem Court Interpreter daily rates:
$170 half day (up to 4 hours) $300 full day

Open to Public


Applicants who submitted applications on or before August 7, 2022 will be tested August 16 through August 26, 2022. Future test dates to be determined.

  • Disqualifications and Restrictions: New York State Unified Court System employees may be disqualified to take examinations or restricted or removed from eligible lists for reasons outlined under Section 25.13(d) of the Rules of the Chief Judge. Reasons include, but are not limited to, criminal charges or convictions, pending disciplinary charges or actions, stipulations, and internal investigations.

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FAQs & General Exam Information

FAQs & General Exam Information Guide

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Exam Study Guides & Sample Exams

Exam Study Guides & Sample Exams

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Results Notices

Applicants are emailed Results Notices generally seven to nine months after the exam date.

Please add to your address book to ensure receipt of all email correspondence regarding exams and results.

Once the list is established and initial results are emailed, Appointments and Systems Management is responsible for the list. Candidates may direct inquiries regarding rank number, score, or add or change their location preferences or provide an updated email address, phone number or other contact information to


Results: NYS Court Officer-Trainee 45-815 Exam - Passers

To update your contact information or location preference, email: COT@nycourts.govOnly for passing candidates on eligible list NYS Court Officer - Trainee Exam #45-815.

Visit FAQs & Post-Exam Info for more information. 

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