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Exams Open for Filing

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The filing period for promotional examination NYS Court Officer-Lieutenant 55-814 began Wednesday, September 4, 2019 and ended Wednesday, October 9, 2019. The examination will be administered statewide on Saturday, November 16, 2019. An application is considered filed only upon receipt of an Application ID Number received immediately after clicking “Submit” at the end of the electronic application. If you did not receive an Application ID Number after clicking “Submit,” your application was not filed. Admission Notices will be e-mailed to applicants on or about November 6, 2019 only if they received an Application ID Number after submitting their electronic application. Please add UnifiedCourtSystemExam@nycourts.gov to your address book to ensure receipt of all e-mail correspondence. NOTE: It is your responsibility to check your e-mail for the Admission Notice(s) and related correspondence and provide timely notice of any change to your e-mail information.






2014 NYS Court Officer-Trainee Exam Results

The NYS Court Officer-Trainee Exam #45-784 was held in October & December of 2014. Exam results were emailed on September 17, 2015. Passing examinees should visit, www.nycourts.gov/careers/cot/index.shtml, for information concerning the court officer-trainee hiring and screening process.


Disqualification and Restriction Information

New York State Unified Court System employees may be disqualified to take examinations or restricted or removed from eligible lists for reasons outlined under Section 25.13(d) of the Rules of the Chief Judge. Reasons include, but are not limited to, criminal charges or convictions, pending disciplinary charges or actions, stipulations, and internal investigations.


Exam Schedule


Tentative 2019 Exam Schedule
Title & Salary Grade Type of Exam Filing
November 16, 2019 NYS Court Officer-Lieutenant (JG-22) Promotional September 4, 2019 – October 9, 2019



General Exam Information

Types of Exams
OPEN-COMPETITIVE EXAMS are open to all qualified applicants, including members of the general public and employees of the New York State Unified Court System.
PROMOTIONAL EXAMS are limited to qualified employees of the New York State Unified Court System.

Filing Fees
A non-refundable $30 filing fee is charged for all open-competitive exams. The fee requirement is waived for current employees of the New York State Unified Court System and for those who fall into specific categories provided on the exam announcement.

Exam Announcement and Filing Period
The issuance of an exam announcement and the opening of the filing period usually occur about three to six months prior to the scheduled exam date. The filing period is typically four weeks long. To take an exam, you must submit an application during the filing period.

How to Obtain Exam Applications and Announcements
The application is available online. The application must be submitted during the filing period. An email address and credit or debit card are required for successful submission. Separate applications must be submitted for each exam if an applicant is applying to more than one exam. For example, if you are applying to take both the Court Clerk and Senior Court Clerk Exams you must file two applications.

An exam announcement may be viewed or downloaded from this website, during the filing period of the exam, until the date of the exam.

Seniority Credits for Promotional Exams
Promotional exam candidates will have seniority credits added to their score based upon their length of continuous permanent service in the New York State Unified Court System. Seniority credits may not be used to achieve a passing score. Credits are computed from the date of the exam and will be added to candidates' score.

Exam History
Eligible lists are generally in place for four years and may be extended for one additional year. Consistent with civil service rules, passing candidates will be canvassed in rank order when there is a vacancy to be filled.

Questions regarding the exam schedule and application process should be directed to: ExamUnit@nycourts.gov


Exam Results and List Information

Results Notices
Applicants are emailed Results Notices by Civil Service Administration generally seven to nine months after the exam date. Please add UnifiedCourtSystemExam@nycourts.gov to your address book to ensure receipt of all email correspondence regarding exams and results.

List Information or Changes to Contact Information
Once the list is established and initial results are emailed, Appointments and Systems Management is responsible for the list. Candidates may direct inquiries regarding rank number, score, or add or change their location preferences or provide an updated email address, phone number or other contact information to asm@nycourts.govor fax 646-963-6619


Per Diem Court Interpreters


Starting October 2018, the New York State Unified Court System will offer monthly computer-based Per Diem Court Interpreter examinations statewide. The computer-based examination replaces the paper-and-pencil testing process.

All applicants must successfully pass the multiple-choice and oral examinations to become eligible to provide court interpreting services for the New York State Unified Court System. Detailed info about the exam process, exam content and practice examinations


To apply for the Per Diem Court Interpreter examination, you must complete the following online application. After submitting the application, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with information about the scheduling process for the multiple-choice Per Diem Court Interpreter examination.


Interpreters possessing out-of-state court interpreter certification(s) may apply for NYS-UCS reciprocity. Please refer to Reciprocity Provisions for more information. Applicants seeking reciprocity or an exam waiver must complete the online application and the Exam Waiver/Reciprocity Form.


Court Interpreter (Spanish)

In order to be employed as a permanent Court Interpreter in Spanish, applicants must pass the open-competitive Civil Service written and oral exams in Spanish and undergo a criminal background investigation. This exam is administered approximately every four years. A fee is associated with the examination and background check.

Successful applicants on the open-competitive Civil Service exam are placed on a ranked eligibility list and are also eligible to be placed on the Registry of Per Diem Court Interpreters for Spanish. The current Court Interpreter (Spanish) list was established March 22, 2019.

For more information, go to Office of Language Access