Grant Employment Opportunities

This program is funded by a grant which permits the hiring of a Program Director and other essential legal teaching and staff positions.


LEO Program Director – Job Announcement

The New York Legal Education Opportunity Program (NY LEO) is designed to assist minority, low-income and economically disadvantaged college graduates in acquiring the skills necessary to succeed in law school. The New York State Judicial Institute, which is sponsoring NY LEO, is seeking applicants for the position of Program Director.

The Program Director will direct and oversee all facets NY LEO, including reviewing applications and selecting LEO Fellows; hiring faculty and Teaching Assistants; choosing and developing courses to be offered; overseeing the mentorship program; devising and reporting on evaluations of LEO Fellows and the NY LEO program; and administering all academic, extracurricular and residential aspects of NY LEO.

The Program Director will also provide program reports and evaluations, assist LEO Fellows as appropriate with any outstanding law school applications, and provide any information required in connection with the grant funding.

The academic portion of the program will focus on developing the skills needed to succeed in law school: reading cases, legal analysis, and legal writing. The extracurricular elements of the program will introduce LEO Fellows to the practice of law and professionalism, including field trips to courts. The mentorship program will connect each LEO Fellow to a judge or practicing lawyer who has agreed to serve as a mentor to the LEO Fellow through law school.

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