Payment for Jury Service

The fee for jury service is $40 per day. Jurors who receive their salary during their entire jury service will not be paid by the state.

The employer of a juror, who employees more than 10 people, must pay at least $40 per day for the first three days of jury service.

Jurors, whose employers have more than 10 employees and do not pay their salary or wages after the third day of jury service, will be paid by the state at the rate of $40 per day, for the days not paid by their employer.

Jurors, whose employers have 10 or less employees and do not pay their salary while they serve, will be paid by the state, $40 for each day of attendance.

Checks for jury service are mailed by the Office of the State Comptroller, within six to eight weeks of completion of service.

Please direct Payment questions to the Payroll Department: (718) 262-7212.












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