Civil Alternatives to Litigating in Matrimonials (CALM)

John P. Cohalan, Jr., Courthouse
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

The Suffolk County Civil Alternatives to Litigating in Matrimonials (CALM) program was developed to facilitate communication between disputing parties in a matrimonial action for the purpose of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. The focus is to assist the parties in developing options to make informed decisions that will promote settlement of the dispute. Parties eligible to participate in this mediation program must have a contested matrimonial case pending in Suffolk County, and must obtain a referral to the program directly from the Justice assigned to the case.

Hon. C. Randall Hinrichs, District Administrative Judge, in consultation with Hon. Andrew A. Crecca, Supervising Judge of the Matrimonial Division, oversees the operation of the CALM program. Court Attorney Referee Matthew Deedy, Esq. is the Program Coordinator and is responsible for managing the program.

Information or assistance required by mediators, litigants, or counsel may be obtained from the Program Coordinator. Suggestions and comments from Mediators, counsel and parties are welcome and may be made to the Program Coordinator.

Mr. Deedy may be reached at 631-208-5644 or by FAX at 631-853-7721.

CALM Rules

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