Glen Cove City Court Phone Directory

13 Glen Street
Glen Cove, New York 11542
516-403-2441, Fax 516-403-2457

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Hon. Richard J. McCord
Fax: 516-403-2457




Non Judicial Court Managers and Staff

Phone Number
Chief Clerk Stacey Gallo 516-403-2441
Senior Court Office Assistant Dorothy Alter 516-403-2449
Court Office Assistant Lisa Garcia 516-403-2446
Senior Court Office Assistant Kathleen Davies 516-403-2451
Court Revenue Assistant Charlene Wright 516-403-2448
Senior Court Office Assistant Alissa Calandrino 516-403-2447
Senior Court Officer/Operations Damian DiPaola 516-403-2443
Sgt. Court Officer/Operations Brian Young  516-403-2452
Secretary to Judge Lisa Lamanna 516-403-2457